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With all of the current advances and changes in the online landscape, it can be difficult to make decisions regarding your web presence, marketing strategy, social media involvement, etc. We understand. Not all solutions fit into a nice little box.

You don’t have to do it alone

We’ve been in business since 2001

Some of us were building websites and “registering with search engines” back in the late nineties. We can help you understand what options are out there and help you decide what is best for your specific business.

Business Consulting

So many shopping carts, so little time

Interested in ecommerce, but not sure which direction to go? Shores Media can help. We’ve built our own ecommerce software, used various open source, licensed and 3rd party solutions. We’ve been around so long, we remember coding in PERL.

To tweet or not to tweet…

Unsure about social media? Let’s talk. You may have questions like: Should I be using Twitter? Can Pinterest really help my business? What are the best ways to build a following on Facebook? We can help with all of this.

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